3D water jet cutters can handle unique tasks

3D water jet machinery3D water jet machineryis able to cut materials in 3D areas, rather than being limited to traditional 2D areas (straight top to down cuts). When you add the well known accuracy and precision of water jet cutting machines with 3D capabilities, the potential applications are simply limitless.
Basic 3D water jet machinery offers bevel cutting capability by being able to angle the jet streams. This allows you to prepare wider range of products and also eliminate any additional steps traditionally required for beveling. By directly bevel cutting a material, you are able to save both time and money in the process when compared to old bevel cutting process where the material itself had to be angled.
Advanced 3D water jet machines typically work with multiple axis, which allows it to move around to various locations in various angles. This not only allows you to cut flat materials with custom bevels, but it can also cut irregular shaped materials evenly in the desired angles as well, giving you the capability to truly cut materials in 3D.
Water jet cutting machines are able to offer the following advantages when compared to other cutting methods.
  • no thermal damage / influence
  • no chemical damage / influence
  • high accuracy and precision
  • flexibility of cutting almost any material
These advantages make 3D water jets an obvious choice for any industrial or commercial use. Regardless of the nature of the project, there will always be a part for a 3D water jet machinery to play. In fact, water jet machines are necessary in all of the below industries just to name a few.
  • computer circuit board production
  • steel tool production
  • wood cutting for construction and furniture
  • automotive part fabrication (for both internal and external parts)
  • heavy machinery production
Manufacturers of a product will always need water jet cutters in one form or another. Even if they do not utilize the machinery directly, the tools and machines they use and the parts that they require are all likely to have involved water jet in some point of the manufacturing process. Due to the amazing accuracy and clean cuts produced by water jets, virtually any component, big or small, can be fabricated through the use of water jets.
Water jet can also offer the choice of being used in abrasive mode. Abrasive cutting allows water jet to efficiently cut materials which are traditionally too hard to cut, such as titanium. This is possible by mixing abrasive garnet to increase the strength of the water jet cutter. Industrial and commercial applications of water jets are all about efficiency and accuracy. Producing quality results within a short time span is what made water jet cutting machines an industry standard.
If you require precision cutting of the hardest of materials, water jet will most likely be your only option. Water jet produces no dross on metals and will guarantee a clean cut every single time, ensuring that your order can be made into your exact specification. Some of the finest details may also be only possible through water jets. If precision and accuracy is mission critical on your project, water jet cutters should be your first and only candidate.
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